Hello and welcome !
I’m glad you found your way to my  little blog, thank you for taking the time to read and to navigate in here. So, if you are here, it means you want to know more about me right? Well to keep it short and simple, I am Madeline, a french girl who lives in the South of France. I am a student, waiting to finally get my diploma for a translation master next year. I chose to blog about clothes and all the other things you’ve read because I felt like it: clothing is a topic I love discussing, I think “fashion” shouldn’t limit itself to a set of “do’s and don’t’s” rules. I love clothes among a lot of other things, like books and horror movies, old things and politics, chocolate cakes and antique shops.
This blog is where I can share this love with you, and hopefully you’ll come with me on this little adventure 🙂 I love interacting with other bloggers, so chances are we’ve already met 😉 See you around !