An internet-free month


Hi guys! As the title suggests, I didn’t have access to internet for more than a month (pretty much since we got back to Sweden). When a situation like this occurs, you truly realise the impact internet and entertainment in general have on you. Since my boyfriend moved to another flat in june, just before we got back to France to my place, we just had the essentials (which did not include dvds, cds or any sort of material entertainment). That’s the problem with Netflix and YouTube and similar, when internet is gone, everything you are used to is gone. At least I hope your summer has been great so far, did you spend some time away? Fill me in on any great locations you’ve visited, I would love to hear about that 🙂



This post will always be a great reminder of the greatest boredom I’ve ever felt in my life haha. But at the same time, there’s no entertainment without boredom right? I’m a great believer that everything should be balanced in life : just as you can’t fully enjoy your holidays without working before, I don’t think you can truly be grateful of being entertained unless you’ve experienced the abysmal depth of having nothing to do (my boyfriend is working during the day, and since I’m still a student, I have quite long summer holidays : since we didn’t even have cable TV, my first few days consisted of deep cleaning the house. Advantage number 1 of boredom : all the chores you never want to do actually become enjoyable, and they get done).



Advantage number 2 : having nothing to do at home actually gets you out. My boyfriend and I (especially me) are more on the hermit side, we love playing Smash on the WiiU after work while drinking coffee, and watching all the shows and movies in front of a nice plate. We also love getting out and driving to random places, hoping to find some little gems (which is so incredibly easy in Sweden, the country is literally 90% nature); but the thing with the comfort of the house is that it gets you to stay inside, since it’s so cozy right? I mean food, video games, netflix. You get my point. What matters in the end is how you can turn a bad situation into a good one. Like the pictures suggest, we took the chance to simply take little foresty walks and enjoy nature (on this one, we saw an actual snake, very close, which was pretty awesome!).




Straw hat +Stripy top + Skirt = H&M    – Bag + Fluffy jacket = Asos   Shoes = Superga



Advantage number 3 : it puts things into perspective. You get more time to think about what is truly on your mind, you’re less distracted. It also made me feel extremely privileged and silly at the same time. As a European, living in France and all, all this comfort is taken for granted, we have literally access to everything we need and don’t need. I checked the numbers, and still to that day there are more than 1 billion people on this planet who can’t have access to electricity (if you wanna read about it, check this out Knowing that, all this Woe is me attitude sounds and is pretty ridiculous : it’s just internet after all.



Advantage number 4 : you think about your ancestors and ponder “how the hell did they manage to have fun at home!?” That’s how we ended up renting movies haha which was actually super fun ! With Netflix, you just have so much choice that you often end up watching everything and nothing (lots and lots of mediocre movies, sometimes a gem). When you rent, you actually have to really think about if you want to watch that movie or not. We still ended up renting La La Land among others, oops (haha nah, it wasn’t that bad really, just overrated to me). Getting internet back made me very grateful for all the choices I actually have.



I really hope you enjoyed reading my little ramble (I was really impatient to get back on the blog). Tell me what you think of the outfit in the comments, and also I have a question for you : what would you do personally if you couldn’t use internet for a month? What would be your solutions to cope with boredom? Or maybe you wouldn’t mind at all? Can’t wait to read your thoughts on this topic 🙂 Now I can finally go through the almost 500 e-mails waiting for me, yay haha.  Take care and see you in the next post! Thank you so much for reading, it means a lot ❤

Xoxo, Madeline


13 thoughts on “An internet-free month

  1. Last year during summer camp I had to give up my phone for a month and honestly, it (surprisingly) felt so good! I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t happy to get it back, but when I did, I was surprised to see how small it felt in my hands and it I just realized how crazy it was that I wasted so much time on such a small device!
    Otherwise, this was such a nice entry! xo
    Love, G –

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    1. I agree, phones can be very addictive and it feels really good to just wander around without them 🙂 Being forced not to have something gives you no choice but to deal with it, and it puts things in perspective when you get that thing back. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and for your nice comment, Garance ! It’s really appreciated 🙂 xxx

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  2. Love this post! Youre super cute.
    Definetly know the blissfully boring feeling of cleaning my house within an inch of its life when theres nothing to do Haha
    Must put Sweden on my list of places to visit, 90% nature, sounds/looks amazing! 😍😍

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  3. Heeey 🙂 It was extremely interesting to read about your discoveries and thought process. I am actually getting really scared that internet is taking over the last bits of our social life, personal development, contemplation time and creative outbursts. Feeling of boredom is so rare these days considering all those distractions that we have, isn’t it? I remember how being bored when we were kids, just pushed us towards the next adventure or challenge. Would you ever do internet-free detox on purpose?

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    1. Hey there, thank you so much for your awesome comment ! I’m so pleased to hear you liked this post. The feeling of boredom is almost a luxury nowadays haha being really bored from time to time is essential to mental health I believe. When it comes to doing an internet detox on purpose, I think it’s a great idea but at the same time quite hard to do (unless it is during holidays, then it’s fine). We need internet for a lot of things unfortunately, whether work or studies (for exemple i’m in a translation master and we only work on computers with internet). Is an internet detox something you do or would consider doing? 🙂


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